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About Me & My Blog

I am a born-again Christian girl from Canada, with a love for old-fashioned and beautiful things. I have been a book lover all my life. I have read over 500 books in a year—that will show you what a voracious reader I am. I love sharing about books and finding new books. But I am often found hesitating over a book, reading reviews and trying to figure out if it’s a good one and worth my time. I find many reviews do not tell me what I want to know—the content in this book. I have very high standards, especially for romance, and I find there is a lack of reviews which mention this aspect of a book. With my reviews, I strive to fill that gap. My hope is that thanks to my reviews, girls can avoid a book they won’t like or find ones they will like. I hope this blog can be a blessing and a help for you.

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