“Beyond Her Calling” by Kellyn Roth

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Ivy Knight feels that her life may never start. Though her loving family assures her that her place in the world is close to home, she still feels a push to move out of her comfort zone. Hoping against hope, she travels to her old friends at McCale House, seeking a purpose.
Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. He fears that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he can’t be a good doctor, let alone a good man. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.
When an old friend decides to travel to Keefmore and visit a relative, Ivy follows. She soon finds herself drawn to Jordy, but as their attraction grows, they both face doubts. A relationship between the two of them feels improbable—and might just require a step of impossible faith.

My Review
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5+ stars & 6/10 hearts. The first thing I should like to address in this review is the cover. 


That said, we can resume our regular content. 

My favourite thing about Kellyn Roth’s books is that she doesn’t shy away from tough topics most people prefer not to tackle, and she handles these topics with grace and taste. This book certainly took on a more serious message, but it was well done. 

I really appreciate how these books go back and forth between Pearlbelle Park or London and more rural Scotland. This particular story was set in Jordy’s quite rustic village (sorry, Jordy… I consider it a compliment), which was unique and very enjoyable. As always, Roth’s writing style is quite modern, and yet somehow perfectly brings these 1881 characters to life! I also was delighted how the style changed between Alice in At Her Fingertips and Ivy in BHC. I really applaud how well done that was. ALSO—the Scottish accent was SO. WELL. DONE. I can’t even praise it enough, except to say it was nearly as good as Sir Walter Scott. 

Ivy, as always, is a real sweetheart. I really related to her desire to find her calling & to fulfill it. I related to her anxiety & her struggle to combat it; and also to her longing for love. She was very inspiring and motivational for me, in fact. She’s also just amusing in a sweet, loving way. 
Jordy, of course, was epic—hilariously scatterbrained and disorganized, but so firmly resolved to do right and pursue it no matter what. I loved how he gently pushed Ivy out of her comfort zone and made her realize her fears weren’t as bad as she thought. 
Violet broke my heart. She was so full of darkness, yet trying so hard to reach the light… I related to her a lot. Also, I thought I saw in her a struggle to allow Jordy & Ivy’s romance to bloom, and I think her fortitude in encouraging and bringing it about was wonderful. ❤
Aunt Daphne was a hilarious new mentor! While she isn’t much like Nettie, I thought she filled her place pretty well. 😉 Ena + her girls & all the McAllens were great minor characters, and I’d love to see more of them! In fact, I quite fell in love with Keefmore.

The plot was very well done, particularly the pacing. I loved how Jordy’s past was slowly revealed, and Ivy gradually learned to confront the lies she’d believed so long. Their romance was sweet, but I really enjoyed how it mostly came about of them working together and being great partners. And in spite of this being a romance, I really appreciated how the emphasis was on their personal growth and how both had to get to a healthy place so they could complete each other… an aspect often neglected in romance novels. It was very much a slow-burn, character-driven, slice-of-life, coming-of-age type of story, and I revelled in that. 

The themes of this book were particularly good. I didn’t agree with everything (namely, the drinking/temperance issue) but this book really made me think and reminded me of great truths. 

First off, Ivy’s learning that she is not “less than” anyone else because God created her as she was & He values her. The message of learning to appreciate yourself really resonated with me—I’ve struggled with self-hatred for several years and it harmed me & my relationships very much. It was only when I realized I HAD worth because I am God’s and that I DO have talents and gifts to use for Him that I was able to successfully combat depression and shyness, etc. Ivy’s message came at the right time for me and really strengthened me.

Second, Jordy realizing his past is the past & no longer defines him was also very well done. God’s blood covers sin and we don’t have to dwell in that; we don’t have to continually pay for it—HE IS ENOUGH, and we can move forwards with His strength. That’s what grace is.

Third, I was very impressed how this novel handled marriage. Few books accurately represent the solemnity and serious responsibility of marriage and this book really preached the message of how important it is to communicate and be upfront about struggles. And forth, Roth did very well tackling the topic of sexual purity—how important it is, how crucial to admit it to a perspective spouse, & how it must be guarded. She also did well showing how little things can set off big (and bad) results, and (like I’ve been saying for so long) how quickly things can happen… and how dangerous it can be for a man & a woman to be alone together. As far as content goes: I would not hand this book to anyone under 18. There’s a detailed content list down below. Everything is well handled, barely detailed, & clean; but it’s still serious topics. 

Overall, this was a fantastic addition to the Chronicles of Alice & Ivy. I found it beautiful, encouraging, truthful, inspiring, humorous—like a strong, fresh, invigorating gust of wind on an autumn day. Definitely another favourite of mind, and I very much look forwards to A Prayer Unanswered (I love how BHC hints at it!)!

Content list: As mentioned, sexual purity is a big topic (as in, a man sleeping with many women). There were two kisses—fairly detailed in my book, but I don’t usually read romance with even slightly detailed kisses, so I expect it’s actually quite mild. One of the kisses was done in all innocence—Ivy wanted to thank Jordy, so she kissed him, as she would kiss her father to thank him… only she kissed Jordy on his mouth instead of his cheek. Another kiss was forced upon someone by another person, who sort of apologized after. There is touching (handholding, etc; and Ivy slides her hand in Jordy’s waistcoat to get his watch, not realizing it isn’t quite right). Some talk of chaperones. A woman has an illegitimate child, & her situation is discussed (about how she needs love & help & more parental involvement).

A Favourite Quote: I think it’s time for you to trust and admire yourself, too. I would never say this to Alice, to Ned, to Caleb, to Jackie, or to Rebecca. Honestly, I wouldn’t even say it to Nettie. But to you, I say it, because I know your natural humility—more than that, your tendency to self-deprecation. Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in Christ. Trust that He has taken you to Keefmore for a reason. Trust that this calling was from Him. Admit to yourself, even for just a moment, that God’s works in you are wondrous indeed. Not because of who you are, but because of Who Christ is in you, it would be an utter shame for you to waste time and energy and emotion on false humility. Do you believe God was right in choosing you for whatever tasks He has set for you next—or was God wrong?
A Favourite Beautiful Quote: The rumbling of the train was comforting to Ivy, a rhythm that reassured her with its repetitiveness. There was a music in the clack of train tracks, a music to the way the people seemed lulled by it.
A Favourite Humorous Quote: It was nothing but idle attraction, because he had nothing better to occupy his mind. Well, he’d keep his mind busy and not let her near him, and the problem would be solved.
He nodded to himself, reaffirming his decision, as she entered the office through the back door, a bright smile on her face.
Good—it made it easier if she wasn’t upset. How dreadful it would be to have her hate him. He really did want to be her friend … but only friends. It would be wrong—especially since he had nothing to offer her. He didn’t like blondes all that much anyway.
“Morning, Jordy.” Her hair caught an early beam of light from the window and turned golden.
He grudgingly admitted that blondes were the prettiest of all women. Just an observation—nothing personal, of course.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book for promotional purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.*

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The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy Information

Book Order + Goodreads Links: The Dressmaker’s Secret, Ivy Introspective, Becoming Miss Knight, At Her Fingertips, Beyond Her Calling.
Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Women’s Fiction, Late Victorian

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Ivy Introspective
Becoming Miss Knight
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About the Author

Kellyn Roth is a historical romance & women’s fiction author who writes about the empty places where hope has the most room to grow. Her novels include the inspirational Victorian family saga, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, and the Kees & Colliers series, which follows a broken family in the tumultuous years of the first half of the 20th century. Kellyn is a student of the Author Conservatory, a virtual assistant, and a writing coach. When not building her author career, she is likely getting lost somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with her friends, watching period dramas and facetious comedies, or spending time with her husband. Check out her website for more information: https://kellynrothauthor.com/


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  1. Awesome review! I definitely agree that the messages Kell conveyed with the struggles of each character were brilliantly done, and so relatable too. Thank you for sharing!

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